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I would like to go to a shop by taxi, but how should I tell the driver?

If you can tell me that you are going to the “Deigo dining hall” opposite the road of “Harley venue” it is smooth. Okinawa Rent – A – Car is the second floor of the building where the second floor of the street is glassed.
If you ask to go to “Deigo dining hall” which is opposite side of the rode of “Harley venue”, you should be all set. On the 2nd floor of the glass building is where Okinawa Rent-A-Car is located.

If I forget my license, can I borrow a car?

We are sorry, but you can lend to those who do not have a license when you lend the vehicle not.

Are there qualifications for using sports type vehicles?

Yes, because sports type is difficult to drive. Must be aged 27 years old and have a driver’s license for over 3 years.
You must meet these requirements.

Can I drive with an international driver’s license?

When driving with an international driver’s license, the following 3 points are required

① International driver’s license
Those issued under the Geneva Convention by the Member States of the Geneva Convention
※ The validity period of international driver’s license is one year from the effective date. When you use your car for a valid period
Please check whether it is within the limit or not.

② Driver’s license
Issued in the issuing country of international driver’s license
※ French · Belgian license does not fall under this.

③ Passport
We do not care about the nationality of your passport.

How to confirm international driver’s license based on Geneva Convention

① The name of the Contracting State of the Geneva Convention is stated

② The year of the Geneva Convention “September 19, 1949” is stated
※There is a statement of this year on the front cover.
Those in which other year numbers are listed can not be used in Japan.
In addition, we can not use both the Geneva Convention and the other treaties’ anniversaries.

③ The rental car use period is within one year from the issuance date.
The expiration date of international driver’s license under the Geneva Convention is one year from the effective date.

Driving in Japan can not be done with the following international driver’s license.

  • International driver’s license issued in a style based on other conventions such as Vienna (1968), Paris (1926), Washington Convention (1943)
  • International driver’s license (IDL, IAA, KIDA, IDD,IADA, ITDL, etc.)
  • International driver ‘s license issued in a country that is not a Contracting State of the Geneva Convention (including those resembling an international driver’ s license under the Geneva Convention)
  • Even the Parties to the Geneva Convention have different drivers ‘license and international driver’ s license issuing country. (Eg a driver’s license issued in the US and an international driver’s license issued in Canada)

Can I drive with a foreign driver’s license?

When driving with a foreign driver’s license, the following 3 points are necessary

① Foreign driver’s license
Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco, either driver’s license

② official Japanese translation
Only translations issued by foreign embassies / consulates in Japan, Japan Automobile Federation in the country of foreign driver’s license are valid.
The expiration date of the translation is the same as the expiration date of the driver’s license. Please be sure to check that the period of using your car is within the validity period.
However, even within the expiration date of the license, you can only drive for one year from the date of landed in Japan.
* Only Taiwan is effective only for translations issued by the Association of Southeast Relations or Japan Automobile Federation

③ Passport
We do not care about the nationality of your passport.

Important notice to customers who have a driver’s license in Taiwan

  • If the expiration date of your driver’s license is stated, please make sure that the period of driving in Japan is within the validity period
  • Taiwan’s driver’s license does not have an expiration date, but if the expiration date of that statement has passed, please update your driver’s license and create a translation after an indefinite driver’s license.
  • If the expiration date of this statement is over the period of driving in Japan, you can not drive in Japan.

Can I borrow a car even for a beginner (less than a year of obtaining a license)?

Yes, it is possible. However, please bring a novice mark by yourself.

About reservations

I would like to rent a car for 30 days, but in that case, will the various paid plans be calculated for 1 day x 30 days?

Various paid plans can be used for 30 days at the price of up to 20 days.

I would like to rent a child seat for 10 days, but in that case, would it be calculated as 1,000 yen x 10 days?

Child seats are available for up to 10 days for the price of up to 6 days.

How many days can I borrow it?

A maximum of 30 days is allowed for one loan.

What is self-return?

Self-return is a service that allows you to return the vehicle outside business hours. You can use it by paying 2,000 yen (excluding tax) for one rental.

What should I bring on the same day?

Please bring your driver’s license on the day of using the rental car.

Is it possible to return before business hours?

Normally, you can’t return it outside business hours, but by subscribing to the self-return plan, you can return it even after hours.

Click here for self-return

Is it possible to rent outside business hours?

We are sorry but we do not rent out of business hours.

Are pets allowed, is it possible?

We are sorry, but no pets allowed.

Is there a ride to / from the airport?

We do not provide regular transfers.
In order to eliminate the waiting time for pick-up, our shop performs “taxi pick-up”.

What is a “taxi pick-up”.
Only for customers who use it for more than 48 hours, the round-trip taxi fare from the airport to our shop of 1300 yen will be discounted from the rental car fee.
* There is a change in the amount due to traffic conditions, but it will be a flat discount of 1300 yen. It is not necessary to show a taxi receipt.

Can I book options such as child seats?

Yes, please inform us when making a reservation for the car..

※ In Japan, according to Article 71-3-3 of the Road Traffic Act, wearing is required when young children under the age of 6 are to be brought in.

In addition, if you do not have a reservation, we will refuse the use of car rental unless the customer is prepared.

Can I rent a car even if I make a reservation on the day I use it?

We cannot accept same-day reservations.

Can I specify the type of car when making a reservation?

Yes, designation of a car type is possible.

Can I make a reservation only for those driving on the day?

You can also make reservations for non-drivers. However, on the credit agreement of the Okinawa car rental car, reservation is received with “driver’s specifications”, so please check the person who is driving in advance and make a reservation.

How can I change / cancel my reservation?

Please contact us via email for reservation change / cancellation.
In that case, please understand that cancellation policy may be applied.
Click here for details

Can I make a reservation by phone?

We are sorry, but we do not accept reservations by phone. Please make a reservation from the reservation site or inquiry form.

How do I make a reservation?

Make a provisional reservation from the reservation form on the site. We will then send you an estimate by email. If the reservation details are correct, pay online and the reservation is complete.
*The reservation form may not be displayed due to system maintenance. In that case, please contact us with information such as “date and time of car use, desired car model, reservation name, contact phone number, and other options” from the inquiry form.

What information is necessary for reservation?

Information such as the date and time of use of the car, desired car model, reservation name, contact phone number, and other options are required.

About payment

Is it possible to pay in cash?

I’m sorry. We cannot accept payment in cash.

Are all vehicles AT?

Yes, all vehicles handled by Okinawa car rental car are AT cars.

Do I need to arrange my driver by myself?

Yes, I’m very sorry, but if a driver is required separately, please do so by yourself.

Since this is a car rental company, introducing and mediating a separate driver is forbidden by the law. Please understand.

How do you calculate fees?

The fee of our company will be calculated according to the type of vehicle to be used and the period of use.

Can I pay with various credit cards?

Okinawa rent-a-car accepts various credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Discover, UnionPay(UnionPay)) payment (one-time payment only) is possible.

When can I pay?

Various rates will be paid in advance online.
In addition, excess fees etc will be settled on return.

About insurance / compensation

Please tell me about the insurance compensation system, immunity, non-operation charge

Please look at the following.

Insurance compensation system (included in rental fee)

We will indemnify you within the range of the following compensation limit when accident happens by any chance.
However, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay damages for which insurance money is not paid, damage exceeding the compensation limit, accidents in violation of our contract lease agreement, or cases where accident certification by the police can not be obtained.
※ It is not compensated when it corresponds to the insurance clause of the insurance policy.

Compensation contents/Compensation limit amount/Exemption amount

※ It is compensation included in the basic charge. There is no additional charge.

Compensation contents Compensation limit amount Exemption amount (customer burden amount)
Interpersonal compensation name limit amount unlimited (Including mandatory vehicle liability insurance) None
Objective compensation accident limit unlimited 50,000 yen
Vehicle compensation Compensation market value 150,000 yen
Maximum amount of passenger compensation per person 30 million yen (only while renting a car on board) None

※ Before departure, if you subscribe to exemption amount compensation 1000 yen (1 day), you can substitute up to 200,000 yen for the objective exemption amount (50,000 yen) and vehicle compensation immunity amount (150,000 yen).
※ It does not apply to self-loss accident. If you would like a compensation system covering self-loss accident,
Please a Wide exemption compensation
※ Subscription after departure · Cancellation is not possible. In case of extension, it will be updated automatically.
※Does not apply when it corresponds to the disclaimer of the insurance policy.

Compensation for leave of absence (non-operation charge)

In the unlikely event that accidents, thefts, breakdowns, contamination etc. occur that are not based on our responsibility while using the vehicle,
When cleaning, cleaning, etc. becomes necessary, the following amount of damage as part of operating compensation during that period Regardless of the degree of repair, etc. and the required period of repair etc., bear responsibility.

1 rent-a-car
· If you are driving the rent-a-car and not returning it by the schedule ・・・・・・・ 100,000 yen
· When returning to the return location of the rental car ・・・・・・・ 50,000 yen
2 Fixtures
・ In case of unusable ・・・・・・・・75% of purchase price of substitute item
・ When repair is required・・・・・・・・repair days × rental fee per day of the corresponding item × 50%

*Non-operation charge compensation When you participate in 800 yen per day, we compensate for the amount of leave compensation on behalf of the customer.

Cases not covered by compensation

In the following cases, you will be responsible for any damages for which the insurance compensation system is not applicable, or for damages exceeding the limit of compensation.

– In case of neglecting accident notice etc. to the police and the company at the time of the accident (case where the accident certificate can not be obtained)
– case of violating the credit agreement
· Drinking and driving
· Drug use
· Extended use without notice
· Driving other than the driver and sub-driver described in the contract
· Rental
· Unlicensed driving (including cases where the driver’s license is suspended or conditions violated)
· When you settle without permissio
· Damage caused by unwanted parking · illegal parking
· Various tests · When used for competitions or when used for towing / boosting other vehicles
· Other accidents that fall under the disclaimer matters prescribed in the loan agreement etc.

– When it falls under the disclaimer matter of insurance policy of property insurance concluded by us
· Accidental accident
· Puncture and tire damage
· Lost or damaged wheel cap
· Loss of passenger.
· Damage of property owned, used, and managed by customers
· Repair without permission
· Accidents corresponding to the disclaimer of other insurance terms

– When there is a fault in use and management
· When parking with or without key locked or stolen.
· Repair cost of damage and corrosion of the car body caused by bad usage
· Dirty car interior/equipment.
· Lost equipment
· Damage due to installation and improper installation of carriers, other options
· Vehicle damages when traveling on a coast, a riverbed or a forest, other than a roadway (Accidents other than maintained and managed roads)
· Repair cost caused by mistake in fuel type at refueling

If the accident happens and the car can not run, can you exchange it for a new car?

Depending on the loan situation it may not be possible to issue an alternative vehicle.

What is Q non-operation charge (NOC)?

A car rental accident required repair, and that vehicle is “compensation amount during the period when you can not operate”. It is the amount the user pays to the rental car company as “holiday compensation” during the repair period.
※ It differs from “compensation for exemption” which covers the repair cost of the vehicle.
※ “Loss of interior equipment and dirt of interior / seat” will also be subject to NOC payment.

Vehicle · Objective accident: What is compensation for immunity compensation?

It is a voluntary subscription system that compensates for vehicle immunity and objective immunity, which will be liable to you in the event of an emergency accident. Please apply at departure.

Do you have insurance / compensation that you must join?

Yes, foreign customers and customers using the sports type are required to subscribe to the Anshin Plan.

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